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Gathered here are a variety of documents available for free download ranging from political indictments to policy positions to behind-the-government-scenes information that have been discussed and revealed on Issues And Ideas With Chris DeBello.

Illegal Alien Arrests

While it's claimed that countries including Mexico are sending their best and brightest to America, the collected police reports and arrest records of these illegal immigrants tell a very different story.

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Extremism Military Training Program

Think that the U.S. military is being trained to watch for and defend against foreign terrorists? This training program presents an inside view of who in American political organizations some in government consider to be terrorists rather than Patriots.

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Senator Robert Menendez Indictment

Here is the official legal charges filing made against U.S. Senator Robert Menendez brougyt about through accusations that Menendez used his position to assist a friend and large campaign fund supplier.

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Failed Sunlight General Solar Energy Project

A solar energy project for the northern NJ public has had much of it's development and details about its failure kept private. This is a collection of documents obtained via a FOIA request which still needed a court ruling to have released. Among the infomation included is a list of meetings between parties which has been heavily redacted.

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Young Muslim Development Plan

How does a Muslim youth become a ticking terrorist timebomb? Through a path of poison that starts small and works up to a radical red zone. This is one of the many lesson plans that are being used to convert young American Muslims into enemies of America.

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U.S. Senate CIA Interrogation Report

A one-sided report by U.S. Senate Democrats which avoided seeking testimony from many national security officials and on-the-scene people which features findings that torture was committed by CIA and other agents.

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Benghazi Emails

This is a collection of email exchanges which took place after the attacks on the U.S. Consulate in Libya and reveals the development of the Obama Administration's claims that a YouTube video provoked the riots and deaths of Americans.

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Obamacare Navigator Manual

Want to know how to sell Obamacare to people? Here's the official manual used by the people who were answering the phones.

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