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Gathered here are a variety of documents available for free download ranging from political indictments to policy positions to behind-the-government-scenes information that have been discussed and revealed on Issues And Ideas With Chris DeBello.

Trump Campaign Post Mortem

Claims and theories about why Donald Trump lost the 2020 election have been made. Here are the statistical facts prepared by the Trump campaign

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Prof. Jonathan Turley On Impeachment

Prof. Jonathan Turley has said that the impeachment trial of Trump is unconstitutional since he's now a private citizen. Back in 1999 Prof. Turley had something different to say. Here's what he wrote then for the Duke Law Journal

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Biden Impeachment

GOP Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene believes that President Biden should be impeached. Here's the House resolution she introduced.

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Dominion Vs Giuliani

The company which creates the electronic system by which American voters cast their votes is suing Rudy Giuliani for $1.3 billion over the claims of election fraud Giuliani has made. Here's the court filing.

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Roger Stone Pardon

If you've ever wondered what a Presidential Pardon looks like here the pardon given to Roger Stone by then-President Trump.

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Trump Impeachment 2.0

Article of impeachment is being filed against President Trump in the aftermath of the Trump-instigated Capitol riot. If passed by the House it would make Trump the only two time impeached President in American history. Here's the text of that resolution.

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Bribery For Presidential Pardon

The DOJ is investigating a scheme to obtain a Presidential pardon for some GOP power donor. Here is the redacted document.

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Don't Believe Everything Online

Just to show how easy it is to commit fake news on social media, here's a fake tweet regarding the election ballot counting which was easily created via an online resource in less than a minute.

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Vatican Report On Cardinal Theodore McCarrick

In a rare move the Vatican has released a large report on the sexually abusive actions of Cardinal Theodore McCarrick. They promised transparency and resolution. Read and see if they achieved it.

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The Feds Investigate NJ For Covid-19 Deaths

NJ Gov. Phil Murphy and the Democrat lead state legislature has promised investigations into the coronavirus deaths at NJ nursing homes. They haven't. The U.S. Attorney General now is. Read the letter of notice that was sent to Gov. Murphy.

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Trump Ended The Pandemic?

The Trump Administration recently issued a press release stating the first term accomplishments of President Trump. What made the top of the list? The ending of the coronavirus pandemic. See the actual press release for yourself here.

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The Plot To Kidnap Michigan Governor

The charges against the militia members in custody who plotted to kidnap Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer are many. Read them here.

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North Jersey Anti-Bullying Task Force Report

Here's the final report by a NJ task force which examines bullying and offers recommendations for the state legislature and schools.

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Criminal Complaint Against Kyle Rittenhouse

These are the official charges filed against 17-year-old Kyle Rittenhouse who shot three people in Kenosha Wisconsin, killing two and injuring one. Defenders of Rittenhouse, including Fox News Channel's Tucker Carlson, have declared that Rittenhouse acted in self defense. Read the document and decide for yourself.

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New Jersey Nursing Home Policy Directive

Here is the directive from the NJ Governor Phil Murphy administration ordering NJ hospitals to increase capacity by sending senior citizen patients to state nursing homes even if those seniors had the Covid-19 virus. The result of this policy, which mirrored NY's (that directive can also be seen here), resulted in NJ having the highest rate of Covid-19 deaths in nursing homes and veterans centers in the nation. The nursing homes have nothing to worry about because within a less than a two week span the Murphy Administration and NJ state legislature granted the industry which is 74% privately owned and major political campaign contributors expanded immunity from legal action. What have these same NJ politicians done for the senior residents, veterans and the families of those who died because of Covid-19 over the past four months? Lied to them.

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Coronavirus Task Force State Report

This is the report prepared for the White House Coronavirus Task Force which details Covid-19 statistics for each state and designates the hot spots. This report was intended for internal government use only and was not to be released to the public. Thanks to the Center For Public Integrity, the report is now available to the public.

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Personnel Files Of Four Minneapolis Former Cops

There are people who are saying that we need to learn the truth about the four now former Minneapolis cops involved in the murder of George Floyd. If that's the case then here are the personnel files of the four.

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Owen Hart Death Police Investigation

In 1999 during a live pay-per-view WWE pro-wrestler Owen Hart fell 100 feet to his death after a cable rigging which was supposed to lower him to the ring failed. These are the documents from the police investigation into this tragedy recently revisited on the TV show Dark Side Of The Ring

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NJ Priest Suing NJ Governor

Father Kevin Robinson is suing NJ Governor Phil Murphy for his deeming religious ceremonies to be non-essential during the state's Covid-19 shutdown. Read the legal complaint to learn the basis for this suit and what the priest had been subjected to.

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Rick Bright Whistleblower Complaint

Rick Bright, the former director of the U.S. Biomedical Advanced Research and Development Authority (BARDA), filed a whistleblower complaint saying that the Trump Administration and HHS failed to take proper action during the early stages of the Covid-19 outbreak. Read the filing here with the details starting on page 27.

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