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Jennifer O'Neill: Helping Those With PTSD
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Dr. Alvaro Toledo: Lyme Disease
Adele LaTourette: Summer Meals Program
Long Term Impact Of Covid19
NJ School Removing Holiday Names
President Biden's Gun Violence Plan
The Southern Border
Eviction Fears
NJ Nursing Homes & Covid-19


What Guests Say

"You were terrific, informed and engaging. I wish everyone who interviews me was so good." Kris Brown, President, Brady United Against Gun Violence

"You provide a terrific service to your listeners and have an excellent following. After I appear on your show, I hear from quite a few people that they heard me." New Jersey State Senator Steven Oroho (R-24th)

"I want to thank you for giving me the opportunity to share the app with your audience. Getting our message out means more victims will know about it, potentially saving lives." Sheri Kurdakul, Founder/CEO Victims Voice

"It's nice to speak with someone in the media with an open mind that will look at actual facts instead of with an agenda to perpetrate the government's case." Jesse Ventura

"Thanks so much for having me on the show. We really appreciate the opportunity to discuss these important issues. I hope it was excellent." Raheel Raza, President Of The Council for Muslims Facing Tomorrow

"We all appreciate the way you do your homework, understand the issue and help get the word out." Jamie Bernard, Domestic Assault And Intervention Services, Sussex County NJ

"I really enjoyed being on your show. It's always nice to do a show when the host reads the book, asks great questions and has a passion for the past." Historian And Author Patrick O'Donnell

"If it wasn't for people in radio like Chris DeBello, we'd be nothing." Rowdy Roddy Piper, Pro Wrestling Legend

"I appreciate the opportunity to be on your show. Every time we think that people do not care at home, we see folks like you helping us get the word out." LTC Steve Russell, Vets For Victory

"You've got to say what's on your mind. Just like you do. You're famous for saying what's on your mind and you do it. You're one of the good guys because you're not afraid to tell the truth." Morton Downey Jr., Talk Show Pioneer

FCC Compliant Public Affairs Programming

Issues And Ideas With Chris DeBello is a weekly one hour market exclusive public affairs newsmagazine program that offers your radio station an economical way to exceed all FCC regulations regarding public affairs requirements. Instead of simply filler, Issues And Ideas With Chris DeBello is the public affairs program the public will want to listen to.


What's the cost to air Issues And Ideas?
Issues And Ideas is available at no cost to you.

How is Issues And Ideas formatted and delivered?
Each weekly edition is 50 minutes in total time which allows you to insert local content such as news or community event information and even commercials. Each week's program is available early Friday afternoon via a free secure download. Issues And Ideas can also be shared after each airing as podcasts on your station's website.

Does airing Issues And Ideas allow my radio station to be compliant with FCC regulations regarding public affairs programming?
Yes. In fact, your radio station will exceed the FCC's public affairs requirements when you air Issues And Ideas.

Doesn't public affairs programming need to feature local content?
No. The FCC rules stress that a radio station present issues that are important to the listeners and community it serves. The geographical source of the information for those issues is open. However, the discussions featured on Issues And Ideas will always enlighten your listeners on the ways to find local information and organizations that relate to what's being discussed.

What are some of the topics that are addressed on Issues And Ideas?
Current events, community-based organizations, health, business, personal finance and many more. Click here for a list of some of the topics that have been discussed.

Will I be supplied with all necessary information for my public file?
Yes. At the end of each quarter you'll receive guest and issue details that can be included in your public file as well as for coding in your on-air studio computer system. Chris DeBello will also be available to consult with you on public file matters to make sure you're always compliant and will avoid FCC fines.

Does the content of Issues And Ideas focus on any specific agenda or position?
No. The only goal each week is to inform and inspire your listeners with guests and experts who are asked questions that your listeners would ask themselves.

Issues And Ideas is your affordable insurance policy against FCC public affairs rules violations and costly fines.

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Each edition of Issues And Ideas With Chris DeBello features important topics that inform and educate your listeners.

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Affiliates Receive

- An FCC compliant Public Affairs program

- Documentation for public file and website use

- Market exclusivity

- Appearances by Chris DeBello to discuss issues featured on the show or other local issues