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Featured here are recent segments from Issues And Ideas With Chris DeBello for you to listen to. You'll get a clear idea of how the show sounds, the way that guests are given an uninterrupted opportunity to share their knowledge and how Chris engages and interacts with each guest which results in more detailed informative discussions for the listener.

Recent Issues & Ideas Segments

Julie Farnam gives an inside look into the Capitol Police and January 6th insurrection

Jennie Pu shares how a NJ library is protecting books from the banning movement

Cate Martel gives an anaylsis of the New Hampshire primary and Presidential race

Chris DeBello looks at how a short Bible chapter can provide a large amount of wisdom and guidance

Shelby Doyle previews National School Choice Week

Lisa Pitz discusses the expansion of the school meals programs in NJ schools

Kirk Smalley looks at school bullying and how it can be responded to

Jonah Minkoff-Zern discusses the increasing number of state laws now required to protect election officials

Joel Berg shares the findings of a report on hunger today in America

Angela Rose reacts to the silence by women's organizations regarding the sexual abuse of women hostages by Hamas

Amber Caron previews the December 16th National Wreaths Across America events

The findings of an ADL report on antisemitism on college campuses and how some university leaders see the issue

Kerry Slone examines the role of the 2nd Amendment in cases of domestic violence

Jennifer O'Neill tells how Hope & Healing At Hillenglade is helping veterans overcome PTSD

Amanda Tyler explains what Christian Nationalism is and the dangers it's creating

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