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Issues And Ideas With Chris DeBello features guests from the world of politics, policy making, organization leaders, authors, journalists and others. Their expertise and opinions are a valuable asset to the show.

Here's what some of the people who have appeared on Issues And Ideas With Chris DeBello have said about their time on the show. These are comments which you'll also be able to use online and in sales material as an affiliate of the show.

People they find out where to find answers through Issues & Ideas and you're doing an awesome job helping to change the world for the better. Keep it up, Chris. I appreciate you.
Gov. Sarah Palin

"I would be happy to be on your show anytime. Just let me know. You're great."
Sen. Orrin Hatch (R-UT)

"Your microphones have opened so many pledges to us and I want you to know that you've been an integral part of the army for Jerry. Thank you for your time and what you've done for us."
Tony Orlando, Entertainer, Jerry Lewis MDA Telethon Host, MDA Vice-President

"I enjoyed speaking with you and think you provided a great service to your listeners by helping to inform them of where they can turn for help in quitting smoking."
Dr. Marc Steinberg, Mercer County NJ Tobacco Dependency Program

"It's unusual for a radio host to actually READ an author's book. That's what makes you such a great host. You know how to get to the guts of the story to not only make it interesting to the listening audience, but you command them to run out and buy the book! Thanks for having me back on numerous times. I've sold over 40,000 books and I attribute the sale of at least half to you. You are simply the best!"
Georgia Durante, Stunt Woman, Domestic Abuse Survivor and author of The Company She Keeps

"You provide a terrific service to your listeners and have an excellent following. After I appear on your show, I hear from quite a few people that they heard me."
New Jersey State Senator Steven Oroho (R-24th)

"It's nice to speak with someone in the media with an open mind that will look at actual facts instead of with an agenda to perpetrate the government's case."
Jesse Ventura

"I enjoyed the interview. Your questions were great and I know your audience was uplifted as we both were."
Father Paul Keenan, Archdiocese Of New York

"You've got to say what's on your mind. Just like you do. You're famous for saying what's on your mind and you do it. You're one of the good guys because you're not afraid to tell the truth."
Morton Downey Jr., Talk Show Pioneer

"I appreciate that you understand the importance of both the critical services provided and of the life saving programs offered by the American Red Cross. Thank you for your help in getting our message out."
Pat Day, Executive Director of the Sussex County NJ Chapter of the American Red Cross

"Thank you for having me on your radio program. We're quite concerned about the plight of investors and hope the discussion we had might have helped your listeners."
William J. O'Neil, Founder Of Investor's Business Daily

"It was such fun talking with you. We do have a good time on the radio. How good? Forget about it!"
Lynne Russell, CBC News/CNN Headline News Anchor

"Red Ribbon Day had over 600 there. Thank you for helping to make it a success."
Becky Carlson, Center For Prevention And Counseling, Sussex County NJ

"I had a blast on your show."
Best Selling Author Meg Cabot, Princess Diaries

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