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Chris DeBelloChris DeBello is a lifelong resident of New Jersey and a 20+ year veteran of the radio industry. He got his start in 1988 when he became the overnight Disc Jockey at WFMV-FM in Blairstown New Jersey with the additional duty of vacuuming the building's lobby and sales office (seriously!). Chris quickly rose through the ranks to evenings and then afternoon drive. At that point he also picked up the role of Music Director.

After three years on the performing side, Chris shifted over to advertising sales. This was first at WFMV-FMWFMV Studio 1988 and then at WPMR-AM/FM in Mount Pocono Pennsylvania. While at WPMR, Chris eventually became Sales Manager. His work in that role saw the station's revenue increase to a level that attracted the attention of another company who saw potential with the station. They proceeded to buy the station...and show everyone there the exit.

Chris DeBello With Keith Hernandez1995 marked the first time in seven years that Chris was without a job in radio. That lasted all of three weeks. He returned to WFMV-FM, which had become WHCY-FM, first in sales and then returning to the studio. Once again, Chris quickly moved through the ranks and was once again doing the afternoon show and serving as Music Director.

In 1998, Chris was shifted over to WNNJ-AM in Newton NJ something as the Morning Host. WNNJ-AM had been on the air since 1953 but had fallen on some lean times with listener numbers and revenue. Since there was nowhere to go but up, Chris started to incorporate talking about what was in the news that day along with the music he was playing. After six months, when it became clear that more people were listening, the music in the mornings went away and Chris focused more on talking about the news with his observations as well as with guests. His show became a stop for politicians to talk issues, people with causes, authors with books, entertainers with upcoming performances and many others.

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