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Issues And Ideas With Chris DeBello is a weekly newsmagazine program which brings newsmakers, politicial leaders and heads of organizations to radio listeners across the United States. These timely discussions offer insight into the issues and events that Americans want to gain a better understanding of.

Due to some affiliates airing special Covid-19 programming Issues & Ideas will be temporarily airing Best Of editions with current information and special commentary.

Guests On July 5

Chris DeBello will give details about the latest reopenings in NJ and when the next round will be happening and explain why the plan to reopen indoor dining has been postponed..

Angie Thomas, Associate Director of Louisiana Right To Life, will explain the content and hopes for the state's abortion law which was struck down this past week by the U.S. Supreme Court. Chris DeBello will also explain the reasons for this ruling.

Chris DeBello will share how the number of sites in NJ for the federal Summer Meals Program for youths has increased. To find a meal site near you visit SummerFoodRocks.Org or call 1-866-3-HUNGER.

Chris DeBello will reveal how statistics show that New Jersey is among the states recovering from historic high unemployment the fastest.

Hannah Smith from Becket Fund For Religious Liberty will present the details of how atheists worked to prevent a NJ church from receiving building restoration funds from a state funded program for historic preservation. Chris DeBello will review the ruling from this past week by the U.S. Supreme Court which will now allow religious organzations the ability to take part in these programs.

Chris DeBello will share the results of a poll on the level of support for Covid-19 prevention acts including face masks and social distancing.

A look at the Founding Fathers and whether having them erased for one poor choice versus all of their accomplishments. A reading of the Declaration Of Independence in honor of the 4th Of July will follow.

Featured Books

Click here to download the NJ state plan to reopen schools.

The state of New Jersey has set up a webpage to report evidence that nursing home administrators cut corners, ignored red flags or warnings, or lied to regulators or others regarding Covid-19 and the people they were caring for.

Visit Covid19.NJ.Gov/Forms/LTC for details.

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