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    Abuse is wrong. You don't deserve it. Nobody has the right to do it to you. In marriages and relationships abuse isn't always a slap or a punch. It can be verbal or psychological. The abuser's goal is to hold you hostage emotionally and physically.

    This site is where you can learn what abuse is all about and the damage it does. Your first step out of the darkness is there for you to take and there are a lot of people who will help you take that step.

    There are many misconceptions about abuse...by the victims. The two biggest are that what's happening to you is your fault and that you are the only one who this is happening to. All thinking this way does is create a fear to talk with anyone about what's happening to you or a refusal to look for ways to make it stop.

    The first step to safety and a life you can call your own may seem like trying to take a step over the Grand Canyon. The reality is that thankfully many other women have taken that step before you and are there to cheer you on and celebrate as you reclaim your life.

    What you'll find here is a collection of information that will provide a better understanding of domestic violence and its victims. You'll also find some of the best organizations to turn to for support, guidance and the courage to take that first step.

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